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Providing all the standard services, Xforex still has a lot of complaints. And you have to know what problems you may encounter, according to real clients' comments. PUSHING IS NOT THE WAY Support is one of the most important things about any broker. Customer services are supposed to support ... CLIENTS’ ASSERTIONS

What happens when once a good company behaves itself in unethical, incompetent way? Clients start to complain. There are under sixty complaints about Iforex work. Let's analyze some of them together. WITHDRAWAL "What is the use trading if you cannot withdraw your funds? Withdrawing my money ... SCAM ALERT!

How can such popular company be called a scam? Easily! With such many complaints where clients accuse the company of being a scam, we can start to think that it can be possible. Moreover, it's needed to say that on August 6, 2015:  Cysec announced an investigation AGAINST IronFx after which ... complaints

Everybody wants to find their ideal broker. But the only thing you need to remember that there's no perfect thing in the whole world. Where there are pluses there are minuses too. FxNet company has several issues according to feedbacks of clients. There are some of them. Learn and decide if ... complaints

Examining Fibo Group work several cases of complaints were detected. Let us review them in details. WEAK CUSTOMER SUPPORT You're not sure of some issue regarding your trading, you need an answer to a particular question, or you do not understand something then you should go straight to ... CLIENTS’ COMPLAINTS

It is impossible to satisfy each persons' requirements, as a result complaints are an ordinary fact. There are about 130 clients comments of Admiral Markets  and 35 among them are negative.  Let's learn what things customers are complaining about. ACCOUNT ISSUES If you're on your way to ... and its complaints

10 markets company has one of the preferable features among traders. About 122 feedbacks from 159  investigated reviews are positive. It means that some problems nevertheless exist. CUSTOMER SERVICE HAS TO SUPPORT! No matter if you're a beginner or a professional trader, you have questions ... RELIABLE OR NOT?

From over 44 comments almost a half are complaints about FXCC. This number is disappointing. Let's have a look at these complaints in details. INCORRECT INFORMATION OR A DECEPTION? How can we understand if it's some misunderstanding or just simple deception if it goes that way: "For me, ...


There are very little amount of complaints about FxGrow work. From about 84 investigated complaints there are 6 complaints. Let's contemplate them to figure out what was wrong. VERIFYING PROCESS IS OVEREXTENDED A verifying process is a mandatory procedure before start trading. It must be ... CLIENTS’ COMMENTS

The best way to decide whether company's conditions are suitable for you is to read and learn real users comments. Let's proceed with the most scandalous of them. IS BONUS SYSTEM FAIR? When we are talking about bonus system there have to be 100% of confidence of system integrity. When you ...